Quick Services

We take compliance seriousely and that is the very essence why Sataac was created, to help individuals with their tax compliance and to help Businesses carry out sustainable operations by complying with Laws & Regulations.

For Individuals

Application (Personal) Tax Number (300)
Individual Tax Returns (R450)
Tax Objections (From R1000 -Contact us to discuss your specific circumstances)

Tax Clearance (450)
Compilation of Bond Application Documents (Contact Us)
Accountant Letter (R700)

For Companies

Company Registration (R800)
Tax Clearance (R700)
VAT Registration (R1800)
NGO Registration (RR2000 Including Drafting of constitution)

Trust Registration (R5000 Registration + R3000 Drafting of Trust Deed)
COIDA Registration (R700 Registration  + R500 Letter of Good Standing-Excludes fee charged by department of Labour)
Import and Export License Registration (R2500 for Import PLUS Export License or R1500 for individual Registration)
PAYE, UIF & SLD Registration (R1500)

Tax Registrations (R800)
UIF Registrations (Labour) (R800)
CSD Registrations (R500)
Payroll Tax returns , Issuing of Payslips and IRP5 to employees (Contact Us for Pricing)

Corporate Income Tax Returns (R800 )
VAT Returns (Zero Return-R500 OR With Amounts- R800[Data capturing cost and Cost to prepare VAT schedule priced separetely])
Financial Statements (From R5000 contact us for a more accurate quote)
Management Accounts (From R3000 contact us for a more accurate quote)

Accountant Letter (R700)

Auditor Letter (R4000)
CIDB Registrations (Grade 1 to 9) (From R2000)
Tax Objections (From R2000- Contact us to discuss your specific circumstances)

External Audit (From R20000 Exclu VAT)



We Service Clients Nationwide. Let’s put your tax affairs in order