Compliance Alert

At Sataac, we understand that regulations that affect  businesses in South Africa is  constantly changing and evolving. That is why we have put together the compliance alert program. The program works as follows:

  1. Business sign-up using the form below
  2. Business pays the first 1 month subscription amount signed for
  3. Monthly and Yearly report of changes that affects the business is sent as they arise. Practical guidance is provided on how to interpret and report on such compliance. Only changes that affect your industry would be sent to you. In this way, you are not stressed with unnescessary information.
  4. Your Business stays upto date with latest changes and in this way you are able to prepare and submit your reports and returns the right way. Cancel anytime with a one month notice

PLEASE NOTE: Our compliance alert is only in relation to tax laws & compliances, accounting/company laws & compliances and Labour laws & Compliances

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