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The South African Tax and Accounting Cabinet (SATAAC) was created to help SMEs in South Africa navigate through the complexities of business compliance. People, technology, and fixed fee access to expertise make SATAAC unmatched in the industry. Smart leaders, like you know when they need to hire the right people and bring in the right resources to succeed. Our service offerings include:

Accounting & Bokkeeping Services 

Business And Private Tax Filing & Advisory Services

Payroll & Labour Administration


We understand the challenges of compliance cost . We have put together cost effective and practical training short courses to assist SMEs in South Africa  to stay sustainable through compliance Management.We bring to you practical knowledge of more than 300 South African Tax, Accounting and Labour Practitioners

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Custom Training

Do you need us to train your staff on practical Accounting, labour, Tax as well as Companies’s Act Requirements?. We offer cutom in-house either face to face or via zoom to upskill your staff in Tax submissions, Labour compliance and Companies’ Act Compliance

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The South African Tax and Accounting Cabinet (SATAAC) also offers once-off services to Individuals and Businesses to keep businesses and individuals compliant with tax as well as government laws and regulations as relates to compliance.

For Individuals

Application (Personal) Tax Number
Individual Tax Returns
Tax Objections

Tax Clearance
Compilation of Bond Application Documents
Accountant Letter

For Companies

Company Registration
Tax Clearance
VAT Registration
NGO Registration

Trust Registration
COIDA Registration
Import and Export License Registration
PAYE, UIF & SLD Registration

Corporate Income Tax Returns
VAT Returns
Financial Statements
Management Accounts

Accountant Letter OR Auditor Letter
CIDB Registration (Grade 1 to 9)